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GHANA - Tangerine & Ginger Scented Luxury Candle

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GHANA - Our 9oz Tangerine & Ginger scented luxury candle is a Tangy energizing citrus Grapefruit and Tangerine fragrance combined with the Clean spice of Ginger and sweet Raw Sugarcane. The quintessential citrusy sweet scent that will burn for 60 - 65 hours. 

Motherland Candles wants to bring luxury to you. With Motherland Candles, our highly scented candles will envelop your space with luxurious fragrance.

We have created a slow and clean-burning 9oz candle. Our candles are made with the highest quality premium fragrances. 

Motherland candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax. They are vegan and paraben-free.

These made in the USA, hand-poured candles are known for their long-lasting, luxury fragrances that can fill any room. 

Motherland Candles are created to reflect your lifestyle and will add the extra Luxury that you deserve.


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