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About Us

Who is Behind The Motherland Candle Company?

Sheila Kay is the Creator of Motherland Candles. She is a World Traveling, Internet Entrepreneur that permanently resides in Mexico.


 She got the idea to begin her own line 5 years ago during a trip to Europe.  While there, she kept coming across cute candle shops that were filled with gorgeous, luxury candles that depicted beautiful art and patterns.


The problem was that none of these gorgeous, luxury candles lines represented who she was... a Black Woman that wanted to see herself in the products she purchased.


So now, here we are with the real life manifestation of the dream she had in her mind for her own line of gorgeous, luxury, quality candles... manifested thru the 6 candles you see now that comprise The Motherland Candle Company Line!!


We now have candles that unabashedly represent US!!! Our features, our Melanin rich skin, our hair & for the first time ever, one that Powerfully represents our Men too! 


Yes, Sheila set out to create an inclusive line that both men & women could enjoy!


We know you will enjoy the rich, perfectly curated luxury scents in the line!


Each candle is hand poured in Texas & are made of vegan, paraben free, soy wax that is of the highest quality!  


Unlike the mass produced candles in everyone's favorite bath store. 


Our candles also have 60-65 hours of pure burn time, so that you can enjoy your candles for a while!!


So I want to thank you in advance for supporting my business!  You mean the world to me & I promise to keep producing quality, luxury products that FULLY Represent who WE are in this world!



Sheila Kay